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di Gabriella Pasquali Carlizzi - Venerdì 20 Marzo 2009


I have come back to Rome in the 18 of March of 2009, I have come from Nairobi and I have just stayed two times in that city, but these trips I riteined for humanitarians purposes to provide helping to the poor people of Kenya, they are disclosed investigative missions, to discovery a paradoxical reality, that few braves in the past have tried to explain it, and today these are paying the conseguences of their witness.
But the serious and dramatic result that my inquiry has showed, it has not to permit that these facts continue to be ignorate, also if other people first of my inquiry have face this reality, and they have fought and have exposed their life to serious dangers, and the legal threaments from who have omited and now are continuing to omit like a normal office role.

In Nairobi, there is an italian air from the times of the first republic, like that unalterable powers involved in the inquiries by the italian judges, they have changed their home, and they were transfered in Africa, to contiuing without nuisances their reliable coruption engine, and finding inside the local Governament more connections.

In Italy we say: “All the world is only a country”, and it is true, in consideration in everywhere there is the evil, but if we would be very objective, we would recognize also in everywhere there is the good.
And for this principle, the good is the ethic obligation to denunce all the facts for singles when they obtain wrong economical gains, and keep its richnes because they can manage of the misery of many other persons.

My last time in Nairaobi, was the 1994, and now the city is very worsed, in the relation of the rate of poverty and in relation of the increase of crimininality, and also regard the criminality like an istitution.

Now, I would explain the proccesing that permit from Italy to generate an huge money stream, that it will be divided between who approves the projects and obtain the founds but it will not realize it, because it will invest only a little part of the founds and the remaining part it puts in its pocket.

But there is a more worrying reality.
Frequently, in the last twenty years, it told about some kidnapping of italians both in Kenya and in Somalia, and when these people were free, it declared that was not payed their freedom.
Maybe somebody would think that some kidnapping were organized by the same victims with an agreement with local people. So it is created an opportunity to spent the money maybe part of the “dark founds”?
Always the State want to pay for the freedoom for the people, because in different case, it would seem that State has negotiated with the criminality.
It is not true in every situation, we know that the secret services are interested in the kidnapping, and they consider the situation of the kidnapping and they have free hands to decide if to use the “dark founds”. In other words they can decide to spent the money outside of the balance and registries of the State, that in these cases can be used for “istitutional purpose” like to pay the freedom of a citizen in the foreign country.
The life must be saved, in every situation.

The human mind is also managed by the Devil, e the avidity for the money has consolided a method of false kidnappings that in some situations is not decency, so these facts are on the desk of who would know very well the situation. But these inquiries find more obstacles and so the people involved in the researches of truth loose the motivation to continue the inquiry, also if they have good willness and they feel a great fidelity in the justice.

There is also the house for children, where live children with Aids and children without Aids but not conoscius of the risks.
So, in consideration of the high rate of the HIV in Africa, the managers of these house are not interested to save the healthy children from the contagius of Hiv because these children are like numbers, so if the managers have more children can obtain donation from the State, humanitarian association from all the world and two milions of people can send donationes, because they are sensibilize by the marketing campaignes that showed touching images also for the person more indifferent in the heart.

So to complete this picture, my inquiry arrives to the Dandora dump, the most big dump in Nairobi inside a slum quarter.
Some days ago, I was going to the little school of orphans with parents named Rehoboth Community Center, in Dandora quarter, I have seen on my left side, an huge mass of rubbish without bordeline because is very wide.
A dump without bordeline, I was very impressive.
Adults and children were seating over the rubbish, while others were finding something to put in the mouth, and others some rusted metal pieces for to sell as recycling, with a strong smell... it is an image from the hell.
I asked an Autority in the car with me, how it can possible to exist a dump like this. It can kill, poison both children and adults, pregnant women, in other word this dump is very attempt to the life.
The Autority replied me: “The giulty is not of the Autorities, where the people have built the schools and the houses, the dump just exists, and so they could not choose a different place...”

This affirmation in this contest is a provocation for me, because have understood in the words of the man an invite for me to forget this dump.
So I have asked to stop the car, and my troupe take some pictures and videos about the dump, because I am very determinated to face this question.

I felt the sensation to live the scenaris of an old italian film named “The hands over the city” located in Naples, when men of istitutional and politic powers used the misery of the a famous quarters in Naples named “quartieri spagnoli” to take through corruption also the Sun of Naples, the first beautiful thing for the tourist from all the world.
So for these men, bulding are done with abusive method and without a little consideration for the enviromental, in every place there is an Hotel for very rich persons, and in these companies there are not a common citizen of Naples.

This business involved also the most poor quarters of Naples, and where live the poor but honest people, so it becomes an intinerary for the turists.

So Nairobi.. I was going to find the imprint of Italy, inside the mud of the slums, or inside some luxurious colonial houses in use to the italian organitations that provide in apparance humanitarian helping to the despaired people, but their avolonteers have a cars of 50.000 euros, firm clothes and a “bolognese” speaking.

So this feature, in appareance very stupid, is become the guide that have taken me outside from the italian and african immorality labyrinth.
The big tragedy of the Africa, is composed from infinitive particular tragedies, and the tragedy is consuming with the indifference of the bored people in the world.
All african continent is pervaded of a wind of misery, fights, death, and over this huge fire, the most rich coutries help with the fuel, because they are worried to how can managed the resourses of these countries, instead to provide helps and genuine solidariety,
The activities of the international organization are demostrating ruinous and negative, becuase their filosophy is the profit.
In this situation Berlusconi has not a guilty, and could be appreciable if he costituites a specific parlament commission to inquiry about the huge stream of money of the State toward to the disapointed finalities....

I remenber a Governament, and behind the screen of the hypocritical cooperation done great tricks, and so it caught the money and destroying the social and economic resources of Africa, and so also it helped the tribal hate.

The tensions and the conflicts are questions of everyday, also the international press located in Kenya, frequently prefers do not tell the questions that can create risks for the life of the journalists.
And they have very fine mind, they moves the pawn, and live in Switzerland, in London, New York, Washington, Amsterdam,Hamburg, Paris and Rome.
In their headquarters they plan the project regard the explitation of the countries named “third world”.
This dramatic reality is in my hands, and it has an italian management, a political identity that involves the istitutional opinions,so can move the richness outside of the State and they receive benefit in a very poor continent.

I have met a functionary of italian Embassy to Nairobi, in the cooperation office, so I have explained my valutation and also I can ask which the humanitarian association I could give the money come from Christian Charity, that they are not pubblic founds.
So, I have met dott. Leone C. in my role of President of Associazione Onlus “Padre Gabriele”, located in Rome.
Leone and me have exchanged some opinions about the african situation, I feel in Leone a sense of resignation because he does not believe in a change of situation, and he retains kenyan people have not a future, and he has written me in a little piece of paper two names and relative numbers of telephone. These persons that live in Kenya from many years and work in some procjets, one in the agriculture and irrigation and the other in the approved schools and supporting the children on the street.
“I am sure, it is possible a common interested with them”, said me, dott. C., first to finish the meeting, and I have promised to inform his about the meeting with his partners.

I have asked an appointment with the two partners of Leone, and toghether my collaborators have gone in their office, located in a residential and prestigious area in Nairobi.
During the meeting I have explained the situations of immorality that I have seen with my eyes in Nairobi, but two interlocutors rejected every opportunity of collaboration with me, while I would provide a support in their projects, because I was guarented from the trust of functionary of Embassy.
I was not understanding their expressions e their behavorious inclined to invite me to renounce in the activities of denunce, instead to give me a moral support...
When the meeting was finished I felt a sensation to be consideraded like a particolar person for their or even as a dangerous person.
But, why I can be a dangerous person? Who can retein me dangerous?
My feel was very well.
In the evening, I was reading my emails and received some emails from two “partners” about me. These emails were be delivered to their important interlocutors in Bologna, and for a mistake they have sent also to me, maybe for a wrong command.

One of this email was very worrying, and it is the text:

“Given that we met the person who seemed rather eccentric, I went to take the trouble of looking for internet...
you can read what I found in the attachement...
it criticizes by itself. Leone of UTLcould not send us anything better!"

In this email, one of the “partners” attached one of the rubbish-article that written against everybody, from President , judges, politics, witness of important inquieries, man of the jetz set ecc.. so compromising the reputation of these persons.
In the internet there are many pages dedicated to me in the positive regards, but these article were ignored, and so the article considered like a Vangelo by their, it is just denunced from me for its content.
It would be more easly to call me and ask me an explatation.... if in me He was not recognized a famous person for my denunces regards the immorality.

And it was my image to provoce an agitation for them, so he has written :
"Leone of the UTL could not send us anything better!"

The wolf loses the hair but not the vice so if we have an open letter of the 1981, Pannela delivered this to Giovanni Bersani, now President of the associations of two partners.

This is the content of the letter:


Freetown, 25th Febraury 1981


we do not sit down to eat with swindlers, neither we accept food from whom takers away to us every right and that, elementary, to speak by moral and legal violence.
For this reason we don not accept invitation to have dinner at Mammy-Yoko Hotel: because it arrived us also with your sign. We would have been happy and touched to be there if our only guest had been S.E. Samuel Pratt, Minister of Industry and Commerce in Sierra Leone, our president ad interim.
All over the world breaking the bread together means friendship and civilization we cannot do with you.
You prevented us, by your deputy Pearce, delegate of friendly party of multinational and wormongers, from being allowed to speak as we have right, you have denied us technical services due, interpreters, translations, you even hid resolution proposals that we produced in conformity with our regolutaion and with each parlamentary tradition.
You are an expert on politics of both the stick and the carrot.
Since we do not accept the carrot given to every client of rearmament and hunger policy, betraying your copresident role, going back openly to be a party man (and which party...), you used the stick to prevent us to speak to the press, to the delegate brothers of African Carribean and Pacific Countries.
So you try not let know, here in Africa, here in Sierra Leone, that aming the depoties and european parties present at this meeting, there is who asked to this joint commitee to oppose the policy of our Governaments, that condemn to death of hunger, this year, at least thirty milion of people, to able to supply the industry of war and death with others nilliard of dollars, the tenth part of it would be enough to give development and welfare all the people in the world. Of course this is not a private attack to your person. But it is a politic attack to what you represent and what you have done, in a so clear way and not much limpid, against the cause of right and democracy the cause of life.
On the other hand, Mr.Copresident, we belong to a poor and honest party, strong of this.
We are not parliamentarian-tourists that are interested in the world hunger only when they can do in big hotel built in the middle of deserts of hunger, thirst, poorness, made by the powerful of the world you present so well.
We are here completly by our private costs, travel and visit too. And we are proud of it, even if its costs too much: we don not want your money.

Marco Pannella, Jean Fabre, Gianfranco Dell’Alba

UTL means Local Techical Unit in the world, and Leone is named of dottor C., the functionary of italian Embassy that he raccomended their.

I have replied with very hard words, as is my temper, and I have sent these emails to dottor C., I have thought “I have offered helps and collaboration, but noticeble their “affairs” do not admit the presence of a person devoted to the “denunce”. E so I should investigate and inform some persons interested.

When a kindnapping happens under a Governament, the wife of President is on the pages of international press because she is involved in very lucrative affairs outside the Italy... also in Kenya...
And it has been simple, I have searched the Foreign Minister in those years...
A rappresentive of the most rich and prestigious italian family...

And Berlusconi, I precise was not to the head of Governament.

And how can we say about a man first kindnapping, then to set free, when he replied to the journalist with this word?

“During captivity, I was shut up in a little house, where I was alone all the time, controlled by soldiers who dressed the uniform of Aidid army and they always tried to grant every ny requests, he added (the abducted), that after the release he was also able to call his family to...”

A witness declared:

“ Today in first hours of the afternoon M.D. Told last evening – the person in charge of an other no governative italian Organitation Cins (italian cooperation North-South), reached by phone in south Mogadiscio – M. (the abducted) was here. About three 9 o'closk he decided to go back to Giohar, the town 90 km far from Mogadiscio where there is the office of C., and he asked me an escort to go with him outside the capital through the palce under control, that is, by general Aidid's haberghidir. My men guided hin until outside the town and the they came back but after a little M. came back too. He forgot hi bag. He sent his driver to pick it up, did not see him, and then they left again, this time without an escort.”

Some strangeness can be commented in this way...

So I have investigated and the situation regard some italian persons in Kenya, an in particular in Nairobi, I have understood completely, and I agree with the dissaproval of two men in the regards of dottor. C. , culpable to have presented their an investigative journalist... in the role of Presindent of an humanitarian association ready to support their projects.

It is a destinity, all agaist of emilian people, so in my days spend in Nairobi, I have asked to a respectable person to know a house children, that hosted children illness of Aids, to help this structure. He have taken me in a little and decouros home inside a slum. This house hosts only 32 children.
We have visited this house with the directors and they have explained us that not all children have affected to Aids, fitfy percent are healty and are not sieropositive.
I asked how this situation is possible, also because the healty children do not know about other friends affected to Hiv and they could be infected in every moment.

They replyed me that this is a method, so the children affected to Hiv do not feel themself isoleted... e so I was angry, because I do not accept, in a place with a very dramatic rate of people affected of Hiv, that healty children can risk their life, instead to protect it.
Then, I received an information, that explain me that head of this house children is an Onlus Association in Bologna and if I would contact the President, she will provide some exhaustive infomations.

So whitout exitation I called Mrs. L.C. But she felt in difficulty, and she invited me to not interested me regard the affair of M.House, and to give our helps in other projects.
I replyed : “Excuse me, Mrs I am visiting your website and I am writing “help us”, why do not you want our support?
My request is logic, naturally, I was near to other terrifyng reality, where the cohabitation of healty children and children affected of hiv appears to be a negligible particular.

The lady minaced heir employees, she rebuked also for our visit in the house and invite them to say that it was a mistake.
But the employees were just falled in my trap, because they revealed in the presence of witnesses.

The sponsors of this associatiodn are bank, foundation and also italian Embassy of Nairobi, these sponsor mantain high the level of donation, and it needs to understand the real utilitation of this money, because the huge quantity of money is not justify the manteinement of 32 children, and other 50 near them, that condivide a little meal.

I am thinking if the declaration of Berlusconi regards “ planetary indulgence” toward a particular magistratory and the center-left italian party, they have a foundation of truth, so this situation is known only from me, but even this situation is possible to be just known also some employees of our Embassy...

Now we revert to Dandora dump...
A shame, and a crime of this porpotion, I cannot neglect it.
I investigate...
I know that a Prodi Governament (also Bologna!!!) Italy and City of Nairobi agreed to start a work of reclamation of the dump.
So this operation is entrusted for a development a project to a company... and the name is not new for me, especially when I have read the persons involved in this company in different qualifications, but I cannot remember in which situation I known these persons...
For this commission, the italian governament, provided 700.000 $ to the company, and approved the reclamation to a cost of 30.000.000 of dollars.
The situation doed not convice the ex Ministry Pecoraro Scanio, that susped the founds and communicated it to the italian magistry.
The inquiry arrived on the desk of the judge Maria Cordova...
And so I remember about a name that I have just known...
And so I told to my interlocutors, that about the persons involved in the project of dump was just known by dott.sa Cordova, in an inquiry named Oto Melara, but the inquiry was been transfered to Ugo Giudiceandrea head of Procura of Rome.

The inquiry involved the most important names of powermen of the first italian republic, and It would uncover the most important internatiol traffic of weapons, and also the author of misterious dead of military in the secret services....

But this is other history, but casuality there are the same name in the two inquieries and after 15 years the inquiries arrive again in the hands of the same judge...
And by the words of who fought against the dump of Dandora, that this inquiry could be archivied.

The two Combonian Missionary Fathers that exposed themself in this fight, talking with the Nairobi people, now one is in Italy and the other stays in Israel...
Is it a choice or superior order? The ex Ministry Pecorare Scanio, was deprived of Authority because he was against his governament ad the his Ministery, and it seems a joke but he is been involved in an inquiry abut the dumps.
In Wikipedia can read about hid:

"...An inquiry of the Republic pf Potenze involved him as teh enviroment minister, inquiring him for criminal association and corruption about some relations, thought by magistrates, with contractors connected to the clearance of rubbish and with the owner of a travel agency specialized in luxury holiday, yacht and aircraft rebt besides providing to organize escort service too.
The closing cts of the inquiry have been sent to the Minister Court for competence. Pecoraro Scanio would have made use of some fovours as a return for concession of contract and consulence commission.
Moreover he would have done as private travel by helicopted paid by Minister and as a return the would have received other private flights by helicopter, holiday to exotic destinations and stay in seven stars hotel in Milan paid by the contractor who rented transfer by helicopter.
Moreover, according the magistrates the same contractor would have bought a land on Minister's behalf nearby Viterbo and a building lease in Rome as the office of a foundarion belong the Minister. Pecoraro Scanio denied every debits and his lawyer is ready to demostrate that travels in private helicopter were made because cheaper than the costs of the same travel s made by forester transports. At the end of his 16 years of Parliament career, he was seetled by Tfr of 149.792 euros and he receives a life annuity about of 8.836 euros each month...."


This dossier is only a small part of the informations that I have collected and I am willing to submit to the magistature.

I think it is a wish also for pubblic ammnistration of Nairobi in their onesty rapresentatives, and also of the Embassy of Kenya in Rome and of italian Embassy in Nairobi, to understand very well the facts above explained and so to stop this shameful speculation in the regard of people that do not know the law, do not know their rights, and think that this reality is their normality”...

From majority of the citizen of Nairobi, it is simple to obtain everything, exchanging a bit of rise, flour or anything else... for who is not able to make a different between legality and illegality.

Before to come back in Italy, I have met an Autorithy of City Council of Nairobi, an honest and brave person, this person has delivered me in the hotel the follow letter:

“...Warm greetings from myself and the residents of Nairobi.
It was such a wonderful moment to have met and shared dialogue with you, Elisa Antonelli e Matteo Mantovani exploring the prospects of establishing cooperation between your esteemed organizations and the City of Nairobi for sake of destituite in our midst.
The City of Nairobi has a population of close to 4 million people, 60% of which live on less tha a dollar a day, meaning that they can not easily access the basics of life.
It will therefore be a welcome relief to these people if your organizations can cone handy to mitigate the plight of these citizens in the areas of putting up reception centers, rehabilitation, institutions, vocational centers, feeding programmes, schools, placement and follow up mechanisms.
In the meantime, I have started formulating a proposal in the above areas which I will send you for consideration in due course when complete.
Thanking you sparing time to dialogiue with me and for the support you intend to accord to the destituite of City of Nairobi.
Your Sincerly

In different way of who prefer “remain in the shadow”, this Autority apprecies my work, he has not feared to particepite a meeting with me, despite he has a bodyguard and so he is well-know to the employees of the hotel.

And so why does not we proceed in my project in restoring of all levels of a people that the poverty is opportunity of richness for others?

Imagines from the top: The Dandora Dump
5. Alex Zanotelli
6.Padre Daniele Moschetti
7. On. Romano Prodi
8. On. Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio

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